“We have a choice: opening doors to creative thinking, or adhering to the ferocity of our convictions. Ferocity may be be helpful in battle, but is an ineffective mode of communication.” — TSB

we are in the middle of a spring snow in the rockies. as i steep in some melancholy, there is a query gnawing at my insides. should i stay or should i go? and the answer is not emerging as easily as i’d prefer.

i can’t really determine which lesson i am in the throes of learning. and as is my routine, remaining patient while the truth reveals itself seems a last choice.

begrudgingly, i sti quietly and impatiently, wondering how to discern the mixed messages that my spirit guide is serving up at life’s buffet.

i guess a bit of karen and richard carpenter will set the mood. and maybe melancholy is more meaningful than previously imagined.

i know that karen’s voice certainly is.

#carpenters #melancholy #moods

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