take a bow

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ― Gautama Buddha

it has been quite the season

looking for a reason

and a rhyme

there is no explanation

nor is there need

as is being learned (again)

to err is human

to be human is the goal

the only goal

well, maybe an encore too

just to make certain we got it

Make them laugh, it comes so easy When you get to the part Where you’re breaking my heart (breaking my heart) Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown (Just make ’em smile the whole world loves a clown) Wish you well, I cannot stay You deserve an award for the role that you played (role that you played) No more masquerade, you’re one lonely star (One lonely star and you don’t know who you are) Say good-bye (bye bye), say good-bye

All the world is a stage (world is a stage) And everyone has their part (has their part) But how was I to know which way the story’d go How was I to know you’d break (You’d break, you’d break, you’d break) You’d break my heart

The show is over, say good-bye

<ol> <li><a href='https://afterthepop.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/10-take-a-bow-edit-version.m4a'>10 Take a Bow (Edit Version)</a></li> </ol>

#emotionality #forgiveness #humanity

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