the shangs

recently on youtube, i have stumbled across a band (trio) from canada who started recording in the mid-90’s named “the shangs”. i have begnn a sweet love affair with their music. ambient, moody, quiet, restless, and emo. they are definitely a step beside most musical efforts, and think i might be hooked. claiming lou reed as an early inspiration, they explore the underbelly of pop music in a slightly alien, slightly stalker, highly inspired fashion.

i have posted a couple of cuts inspired by the shangri-las and one for the feminine complex. here is a link to their site- the jayne room. for me, it has been like visiting a new city and finding an incredible boutique shop filled with things i have never found at home. the sites and sounds are different, the pace is strange and even the food tastes different.

i encourage you to visit their world and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences…

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