The Winter of our Discontent


in 1980, I read a science fiction series by Doris Lessing called Campanos de Argus with my LGBT literary street gang and felt my soul imprint. Her 3rd part of the series was titled “The Marriages of Zones Three, Four, and Five. That section informed my nature about social and cultural evolution. Needless to say, I have been remembering that book this year. We are in the process of evolution-palpable evolution.

And I quote Doris Lessing_

When Al:Ith first heard of the Order, she believed it to be a joke. She and her sister laughed. All of Zone Three heard how they laughed. Then arrived a message that could only be regarded as a rebuke, and people came together in conferences and council all over the Zone. They sent for us – the Chroniclers and the poets and the song-makers and the Memories. For weeks nothing was talked of but weddings and marriages. and every old tale and ballad that could be dug up was examined for information. … Then came the first visible and evident manifestation of the new time. Ben Ata sent a message that his men would come to escort her to him. This curtness was what we expected from his Zone. A realm of war did not need courtesies. Here was proof of the rightness of our reluctance to be brought low by Zone Four…..

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