Uncomfortably numb

Something has been on my mind lately. So many people including me seem to look past so many very obvious truths in order to maintain a less stressful life. It’s almost like “if I don’t see it it’s not really happening”

‘such is the case with” black lives matter”. It’s just too damn overwhelming to take that puppy on. Too much of a sacrifice to fight that fight. I’ll just stay in the dark.

my guess is that our culture is so politically charged and overrun with bullshit that most of us are in a constant state of numb-and if not there are many of us who find ways to be numb every chance we get.

Both the legislative and judicial systems are further evidence of this “checking out” phenomenon. The net value of those systems are so low that we dare not collectively call any of the payers on their misbehavior a.

the press is so biased that while citizens are being massacred in unprecedented numbers, the reports don’t delve beyond surface curiosity. We continue to trust and rely on those we know are consistently lying to us.

drugs and alcohol issues are no different. Treatment fails us in so many ways, but because it would be so hard to change the system, and we would have so much conflict, we choose to lock people up or let them overdose rather than fight like never before.

It’s horrifying really. We are self involved and jaded. Like Rome before the fall. And it’s most likely because it’s too hard to figure it all out.

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