uncomfortably numb

Hello (hello) Hello (hello) Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can here me Is there anybody home? Come on now I hear you’re feeling down Well I can ease your pain And get you on your feet again Relax… I need some information.. first (first) Relax.. Just don’t face the facts Can you show me where it hurts

i was driving to my 2nd job last evening and talking with my friend tommie on the phone… i have not signed oprah’s no phone zone pledge although i think it a good idea. she was talking about the horrors of the bp fiasco in the gulf and how it was too terrifying for her to really think about. they were specifically talking abut the theory that the methane that is being released will explode and create unfathomable damage. she said she and a friend were talking about the subject and she found herself becoming filled with terror and desperation. she thought of her kids and how she would like to see them one last time. she also thought about how she wanted to have sex one more time and considered calling someone who was toxic, but knew would be available.

i shared with her that i too have been horrified beyond measure by this “debacle”. the sheer volume of petroleum that is spilling into the coastal waters continues growing daily and it has become overwhelming. i have found myself just not thinking about it or considering it because it is sincerely overwhelming for me to fathom. i must admit that i freak out if i spill olive oil on the stove or it splatters when i cook, because the clean up becomes a bigger job, but this gulf situation is incomprehensible to me. the lives that are being stunted and crippled, the living creatures that are being phased into non-being and illness, the toxic pluck that the oil representatives are displaying when interfacing with our press and government officials indicate more of a concern about their company than the benefactors they have leased the rights from.

i seriously can’t think about it much without the creation of my own leak of sorts. i can’t think of a way to avoid the pain that will inevitably ensue because of this. so not thinking about it seems a safe choice right away. but i also shared with my friend that somewhere inside me i actually believe that the world will not end. that we will not become part of a massive explosion that erases us. more so, i think that we will find a way to survive this, that we will because we will have to. we may even find a better way to live and the human elements of our journeys such as love, discovery, triumph, forgiveness will continue whether we are driving carbon based fuel vehicles or not.

couldn’t resist posting this oldie… it is campy, but it still seems apropos.. here is early scissor sisters with “comfortably numb”

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