The Morning Chore

In The Kitchen:

Hang a pound of hickory smoked thick sliced bacon
Cover the bacon with white paper towel to prevent splatters
Pre-heat oven to 350 degree
Cover baking sheet with silver aluminum foil
Place whole-wheat yeast rolls on the baking sheet
Dot each roll with luscious creamery fresh butter
Place rolls into the pre-heated oven
Place thick bacon into microwave oven to cook for ten minutes
Beat-up four eggs incorporating air add two tablespoons milk beat some more
Take out that aggression on those eggs
Cook omelet in preheated oil covered pan
Top that omelet with some shredded cheese just a little
Call everyone to come:

Breakfast awaits

i find myself inside a huge wave. so big it feels like a flintstone's time machine and i have no idea where i will land.
i have come to believe that i have to learn about faith. faith in myself and 
my abilities. faith in my process. and trust in my intuition. a disconnect with 
these things has hurled me into this wave. it's definitely a ride, but it also 
feels a little unhealthy and out of balance.
so i need to get back to cooking and baking and serving and 
 hopefully the tumult will recede. spriritual practices have been missing from my routine. and i feel their absence. 


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