vintage trouble

Here stands a silver lined believer. Not believing. A rosy-eyed dreamer awakening Into a moment when hands are not given to the needing What will become Of this needing one? NOBODY TOLD ME NOBODY TOLD ME NOBODY TOLD ME HOW HEAVY THIS LIFE WAS GONNA BE…vintage trouble

on st panty’s day, i had the incredible fortune to spend a few hours in the presence of the members of “vintage trouble” in the red room pictured above. vintage trouble are an l a band doing original rockin’ bluesy soul tunes. i had not heard of them before monday and had never heard any of their music until tuesday. i believe i have become a fan.

here’s a quote from which makes seeing them live become a priority.

Vocalist Ty Taylor evokes the spirit of James Brown, spinning around and wielding the mic cord like a lasso. He brings the funk as well as he brings the soul, and, throughout the night, it seemed as though he were moved to tears as he spoke often of how blessed this band is. It was heartwarming to see a band realize and be so thankful that they would not be standing on stage in front of a sold out El Rey if it weren’t for their fans.

It’s rare to see an entire band that has charisma, and seem to be completely inside the set and on the same vibe. Beyond Taylor’s enigmatic skills as a frontman, Nalle Colt’s smokey, bluesy guitar enthralled, and the funky rhythm section of Rick Barrio Dill on bass and Richard Danielson on drums anchored the set in hip-swingin’ fury.

my impression after monday is that these guys are authentic, grounded, while embarking on a hella ride of success. i wish them luck and i hope they don’t get tainted by the fame machine. 

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