Virtual Reality

Just like magic, our lives have transformed in so many ways. The way we work, socialize, communicate, commute, shop, congregate and worship have all done a 180 as we absorb the reality of saving ourselves as we save each other.

Along with our own juggling the new realities, we understand that our members and our neighbors will need both support and connection. Luckily, we are poised to offer real-time person to person interaction through the technology around us.

We will be rolling out more telephone recovery support statewide within the next few weeks. We have people who will make weekly calls to you and also ask if you would be willing to make a weekly call or two.

This seems to be only the beginning of this tsunami and no doubt will need each other for better odds of survival. Let's help each other survive- then we can worry about thriving.

Many thanks to our partners in this venture- Angelo Lagares (LARA), Rachel Fowler (Recover Simply) Corinthiah Brown (The Don't Look Back Center), Erik & Allie Borrell (Chain Breakers) Larry Wall (Continuum Recovery), Robert Peasley (Route 2 Recovery), S Miller (Crossroads), Pastor Alyssa (Pikes Peak MCC).

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