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We all suffer. Many of us experience extreme suffering, and for some of us the suffering we experience seems unbearable. When suffering seems unbearable thoughts of suicide commonly arise, and some of us will attempt to take our own lives. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the West, and while death is never pleasant, suicide seems an especially tragic way to die. But then again, since we lall have to die in the end, if life becomes unbearable, then why prolong the agony?

life has opened a tender and strange door and beckoned me to enter. with no warning and no real reason or rhyme, i find myself amidst a small number of beautiful souls who are suffering from a virus-like malady called suicide. before now, i had never really had need to consider the implications of the ones left behind after a fatal decision has been made. but i trek daily to the county in our state which holds the highet number of suicides for the last two years. i find myself interfacing with some of the shock and sadness struggling to make sense of how to go on.

i don’t really know what role (if any) i will take in this tale, but i am very aware that my heart is engaged and my hope is to be of service. to witness and to offer a hand.

is this simply a wave or is it a tsunami? truly in awe. help me muster a response that is real and is right-sized.

Johnny boy always played the fool He broke all the rules So you would think he was cool He was never really one of the guys No matter how hard he tried Often thought of suicide It’s kind of hard when you ain’t got no friends He put his life to an end They might remember him then You cross the line and there’s no turning back Told the world how he felt With the sound of a gat

#coloradoyouth #emotionalsobriety #suicide

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