Sober Jo's cultivates powerful, healthy lives by providing peer emotional support and development services to the El Paso County Recovery Community and its allies. We are active members of the Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO).

FEATURED SERVICES: (Spanish Language Friendly)

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Sober Jo's is our Recovery Community Center 

Peer Support Groups (Free)

Monday- Friday 8-8p

 In Person (Virtual Options)

Volunteer Intern Program (Free)

Become a Certified Recovery Coach- Sign Up Required

text/call 800-604-8978

to register

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Community Addiction & Recovery Education

10 Hours CE's

NAADAC Approved

This course will provide essential foundational information for passionate individuals working in the human service field such as:

Law Enforcement, EMS, Social Workers, Family Court workers

Human Resource Staff, Nurses

Physicians, Family Members and Loved Ones


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DUI Level I and II


2 hour Virtual

$25 per class/$95 intake

Medicaid Accepted

Level II Education

Mondays 4:30p. 

Level II Therapy

Mondays 6:30p

Level I Alcohol Education

Available Upon Request

Request additional information about these programs.


Sober Jo's Peer Joy


Every Friday 5-8pm


Sober Jo's Happy Hour

A Weekly Free Event

Hosted by Sober Jo.

Serving Food, Beverages, Fellowship and Giggles!

Every Friday 5-7 pm MDT.


411 S. Cascade #100

Colorado Springs


Professional Coach
Training Program

• 60 hours of education

• 130 volunteer hours (of the 500 required for Credentials) 

• 12 Supervised hours 

• Recovery Coaching experience

• Knowledge of wellness planning, goal setting, motivational interviewing, encounter notes. 

4 hours Weekly x 6 Months



The Virtual Clubhouse

Various Times Daily

7 Days a Week

At least 12 Colorado Counties have joined to offer recovery support meetings to all of Colorado. Over 70 meetings weekly including 12 Step, Yoga, All Recovery, Medication Assisted Recovery Anonymous, Meditation, women's groups, men's groups, re-entry, and Wellbriety.

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1Voz (¡Una Voz!) es una RCO (Organización Comunitaria de Recuperación) bilingüe innovadora, enfocada en servir a las comunidades de habla hispana, ofreciendo apoyo telefónico para la recuperación y entrenamientos para asesores de recuperación.




Promotores de Esperanza es un programa bajo 1Voz. Ofrecemos recursos y servicios bilingües gratis, diseñados para mejorar la salud física y conductual de nuestras comunidades en Colorado.


Promovemos la equidad en la salud racial / étnica a través de la provisión de servicios culturales y lingüísticamente competentes, diseñados para minimizar las barreras de nuestras comunidades.


Liderazgo del programa:


Rica Rodríguez, Consejera y Formadora Certificada

Lisa Carlson-Ortiz, Consejera y Formadora Certificada


Comuníquese con nosotros para obtener ayuda o para ser voluntario.


Teléfono: 800-604-8978

Correo electrónico:



Telephone Recovery Support is an innovative, peer to peer, recovery support service. TRS provides weekly phone calls to people in recovery; helping reduce relapse and enhancing the recovery experience. Volunteers are trained to provide support, encouragement and information about recovery resources.


Application for Recipients: If you would like to receive check-in calls from our Telephone Recovery Support volunteers, please fill out the following form. You will be matched with a volunteer and contacted as soon as possible!


Interested in making calls? If you are interested in becoming a Telephone Recovery Support volunteer, please apply for our Volunteer & Intern Program using the link below.


EmbarkPCA provides Recovery Coaching to folks who have Medicaid as well as through our free coaching clinics at RECO - 411 S. Cascade  #100  2days weekly. We provide in-person recovery coaching services, and virtual TeleHealth recovery coaching for programs, providers, or individuals seeking additional support.


To learn more about Telehealth Services contact our Coaching team 


Phone:  800-604-8978