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Western Slope Recovery Network


WSRN uses our lived experience to engage, educate, and advocate for people in recovery or seeking recovery, their families and allies. WSRN supports all pathways to recovery. Providing training, peer support, and resources. This is Connection. This is Compassion. This is Colorado.

Erik Borrell is the Founder of WSRN. He is an Army veteran and has been a certified Recovery Coach since 2018. He became a Recovery Coach Trainer in 2019. Erik was inspired after attending CCAR’s RCA through the Embark Peer Coach Academy, and founded the first Recovery Community Organization in Western Colorado. He believes that recovery is a personal journey that is unique to the individual.

Erik is chairman of the Mesa County Jail Ministry, a member of Faith in Action, and Warrior at Heart. He recently joined Grand Valley Task Force Criminal Justice Group, working to address bias within the Justice system.

Vision Statement-

Western Slope Recovery Network envisions a world where the hope and promises of recovery are a reality for everyone. We believe that the power of recovery will heal and restore lives. And that people and communities s will achieve levels of health, wellness, and connection that bring lasting peace and fulfillment.

Mission statement-

  • To advocate for individuals and families that suffer with or are in recovery from SUD, AUD or other addictive disorders until recovery resources all available to everyone.

  • To change public opinion and break the stigma by educating the community and demonstrating success in recovery.

  • To bring together resources, remove barriers and fill the gaps making to possible for all individuals and families to discover their path and move forward on their journey of recovery.

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