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Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) organization striving to increase recovery support services for ALL individuals in/seeking recovery.

Our History

Peer Coach Academy (PCA) began  providing recovery coach trainings in 2016 (through our collaborative with CCAR). Rod Rushing (our founder)  became a CCAR Core trainer in 2017 and began to provide the entire CCAR catalogue as well as train new trainers in Colorado. Rod has his own lived experience, but discovered that life became much more manageable when he took his mental health seriously. This is a message he carries to others still.  

In 2018, we expanded to Colorado Springs which served as a starting point for us to really collaborate with other agencies and increase services offered. We now offer transitional housing to individuals working on competency issues with the courts and persons with serious mental illness along with counseling, peer support, life skills, and sober activities and social opportunities.

Our name, EmbarkPCA encompasses us “embarking on a new journey,” where we collaborate and provide various services across the state, and beyond.

What We Believe

People recover outside of treatment, so we need to extend recovery resources outside of treatment.

  • All individuals in or seeking recovery should be met where they are at

  • All individuals should be treated with dignity and respect

  • All individuals should have access to recovery support services to choose from

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