To engage, educate, and advocate for, the recovery community (peers, allies, and stakeholders).


EmbarkPCA envisions a world where all people in or seeking recovery are treated with dignity and respect.


We are a 501(c)(3) organization striving to increase recovery support services for ALL individuals in/seeking recovery.

Our History


Peer Coach Academy (PCA) began in 2015 and really picked up in providing recovery coach trainings in 2016 (through our collaboration with CCAR).


In 2018, we expanded to Colorado Springs which served as a starting point for us to really collaborate with other agencies and increase services offered. Here we opened our first Recovery Community Organization (EmbarkRECO).


Our name, EmbarkPCA encompasses us “embarking on a new journey,” where we collaborate and provide various services across the state, and beyond.

What We Believe

People recover outside of treatment, so we need to extend recovery resources outside of treatment.

  • All individuals in or seeking recovery should be met where they are at

  • All individuals should be treated with dignity and respect

  • All individuals should have access to recovery support services to choose from


We serve recovery peers, allies, and stakeholders through engagement, education, and advocacy


  • Partner with various organizations

  • Develop recovery community organizations (RCOs) 

  • Provide peer led services 

  • Host events


  • Recovery Coaching Basics

  • The Many Pathways 

  • Ethics Professionalism

  • Emergency Department

  • Address Stigma 
  • & more!  


  • Put a face to recovery 

  • Empower a recovery workforce

  • Share success stories

  • Educate communities

  • Promote recovery on social media platforms


Rod Rushing is a Certified Addictions Counselor III, a Certified Core CCAR Recovery Coach Trainer, a Colorado Credentialed Peer & Family Support Specialist, and a community organizer with over 15 years of experience mentoring/supporting people as well as discovering new applications of peer to peer support. Rod works to strengthen access and remove barriers to recovery support systems and facilitate people’s reintegration into wellness/recovery.

Rachel Fowler is the founder of a coaching program called Recover Simply and creator of Recover the Fun™ group activities. She believes we find individual and holistic pathways of recovery by asking the right questions with a strength- based approach relative to our unique values and experiences. Rachel is a skilled and compassionate recovery coach supervisor focused on helping recovery coaches deepen their self-awareness with continued education. Whether working as a Recovery Coach Professional, Recovery Coach Supervisor, or as a Recovery Coach Trainer, she encourages all whom she collaborates with to recover the fun that life has to offer.

Rica Rodriguez-Hernandez has over 17 years in the case management and advocacy field working with individuals from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Rica is a fierce activist who sits on many community advisory boards as well as board of directors of organizations both locally and nationally. She is a certified trainer in peer recovery coaching and is a fearless grassroots organizer in the Denver area. As a part-time program coordinator in the Promotores De Esperanza program at EmbarkPCA, Rica aims to promote racial/ethnic health equity through the provision of culturally and linguistically competent services, designed to minimize barriers in the Latinx communities.

Corinthiah Brown is the founder and Director of The Don’t Look Back Center and RAHAB Sober Living. After many years working as a counselor she learned that having a safe, trauma informed place to live, is necessary to overcome barriers to recovery. She opened House of RAHAB transitional sober living home for women and transwomen, in September of 2018. 


Corinthiah collaborates with re-entry, probation, human services and self referrals to support the process of rebuilding lives one woman at a time.

Noel Chavez (he,his,el) has worked in the field of community development for over 15 years. As someone who identifies as Latinx and Queer, Noel believes deeply in the power of community to heal and mobilize groups for transformation and liberation.


Noel works as a Community Case Manager at Vivent Health and facilitates two weekly virtual support groups in Spanish for EmbarkPCA; CHARLA VIH+ and CONOCETE LGBTQ+ under the Promotores de Esperanza program.


Noel enjoys baking and trying new recipes, taking care of his platitas, and beautiful hikes outdoors, especially when he gets to see the Rocky Mountains.

Allison Harden, MS, CPFS, NCPRSS, CEO Beyond Betty

Allison has lived experience with addiction recovery which includes a foundation from the Twelve Step program of recovery. She has built a supportive community, found peace and ease, and is called to be of service to others as a private recovery coach. In 2019, Allison received the National Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist Credential (NCPRSS) through NAADAC. Her work experience in treatment includes representing the Betty Ford Center and CeDAR in community outreach positions. She is married and has two adult children and loves yoga, all types of music, golf, and camping in nature every chance she gets.

Juana Arroyo-Soto was born and raised in Cd Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico. Juana came to the USA in 1990 and in 2017 she received her CAC II credential. Previously, she worked at Colorado AIDS Project for 8 years in the Prevention and Education department. There she created and managed the “Heart of A Woman” series, an HIV prevention and education program for at risk women in many settings, such as government housing, jails and halfway houses. She was also program manager at MHCD, creating and managing LIFE for Latino injection drug users, to prevent HIV and Hep C transmission.


Juana is warm hearted and enjoys silliness, riding horses (sort of), watching movies of all kinds and most of all her family.

Ashley Crockett is a Colorado Springs native known for creative expression as an actor, poet and writer. 


She has been in long term recovery from substances since 1991. She has been engaged in the recovery field since 2013 and became certified as a Colorado Peer and Family Specialist in January 2020.

She likes long walks on the beach at sunset and going to the dog park.

Racquel Garcia is a sober wife, mother, coach/mentor/counselor, spiritual guide, social entrepreneur, author, and speaker.


Racquel says “This is my #Beauty. I’ve had my share of breakups, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. I did my work. I put my life back together piece by piece.” She believes you CAN recover if you are willing to do the work. You CAN create a life full of joy, beautiful relationships, fulfilling work, and more. You don't have to settle.  She also believes we are all connected through story and that the power of choice is EVERYTHING.

Christopher DeWinter is a graphic designer, webmaster, author, and maker. He has been helping Rod to promote recovery in Colorado since 2015. Outside EmbarkPCA, Christopher teaches yoga and designs jewelry and other unique gift items that he calls “Jewels of Meaning”. He lives in San Francisco, CA, with his husband of 26 years, and their Chihuahua Diego, who is barking and wagging his tail right now. He has been happily sober since 2016, and believes the best path to recovery is the one you discover for yourself.

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