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Recovery Coach Training

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Transitional Recovery Housing




Recovery Support

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Who We Are

Peer Coach Academy (PCA) began  providing recovery coach trainings in 2015 (through being mentored by CCAR). Rod Rushing (our founder)  became a CCAR Core trainer in 2017 and began to provide the entire CCAR catalogue as well as train new trainers in Colorado. 


In 2018, we expanded to Colorado Springs which served as a starting point for us to really collaborate with other agencies and increase services offered. Here we opened our first Recovery Community Center (Sober Jo's).


Our name, EmbarkPCA encompasses us “embarking on a new journey,” where we collaborate and provide various services across the state, and beyond.

Introducing The Embark Team

We are committed to the Recovery Community and would love to speak with you, to discuss Recovery Housing and Counseling program, Find a Coach, Recovery Coach Training options, upcoming Sober social activities, Volunteer Trainings or to help you find the support you seek.

We are often traveling to conduct trainings or doing outreach around the state but we will make time to speak with you.

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Help Us Grow Recovery Support Services

Your support and contributions will enable us to provide scholarships and outreach. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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