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Introducing The Embark Team

We are committed to the Recovery Community and would love to speak with you, to discuss Recovery Housing and Counseling program, Find a Coach, Recovery Coach Training options, upcoming Sober social activities, Volunteer Trainings or to help you find the support you seek.

We are often traveling to conduct trainings or doing outreach around the state but we will make time to speak with you.

Our team makes a difference throughout the state of Colorado. You can read their stories here.

Our Team

Rod Rushing

Director  CAS  CPFS  RCP-F  Approved CHOICES Facilitator  Foodie

Certified Addictions Specialist, an Approved CCAR Facilitator, an Approved  CHOICES Facilitator , a Colorado Credentialed Peer & Family Support Specialist, and a community organizer with over 16 years of experience mentoring and supporting people as well as discovering new applications of peer to peer support. Rod works to strengthen access and remove barriers to recovery support systems and facilitate people’s reintegration into wellness/recovery.


Erik Borrell

Western Slope Recovery Network Director  Approved CCAR & CHOICES Facilitator

 is a person with lived experience in both substance use disorder and justice system involvement. He is an Army veteran and has been a certified Recovery Coach since 2018. He became a Recovery Coach Trainer in 2019. Erik was inspired after attending CCAR’s RCA through the Embark Peer Coach Academy, and founded the first Recovery Community Organization in Western Colorado. He believes that recovery is a personal journey that is unique to the individual.

Erik is chairman of the Mesa County Jail Ministry, a member of Faith in Action, and Warrior at Heart. He recently joined Grand Valley Task Force Criminal Justice Group, working to address bias within the Justice system.


Noel Chavez

Promotores de Esperanza Co-Director

 has worked in the field of community development for over 15 years. As someone who identifies as Latinx and Queer, Noel believes deeply in the power of community to heal and mobilize groups for transformation and liberation. Noel works as a Community Case Manager at Vivent Health and facilitates two weekly virtual support groups in Spanish for EmbarkPCA; CHARLA VIH+ and CONOCETE LGBTQ+ under the Promotores de Esperanza program. Noel enjoys baking and trying new recipes, taking care of his platitas, and beautiful hikes outdoors, especially when he gets to see the Rocky Mountains.


James Leingang

Harmony Recovery Support Services

BA CDP WSCGCII, identifies as a person in long term recovery. He serves as a passionate advocate for the development of a stronger continuum of care in the behavioral health field. He is the Founder of Harmony Recovery Support Services in Olympia, WA. Jim believes that Recovery Coaches and Peer Support Specialists can be instrumental in providing additional support to people -- once they become willing to pursue a recovery journey. Currently, Jim offers CCAR Recovery Coach training programs for organizations and tribal communities throughout the Pacific Northwest region and nationally, with partnerships he has developed across the country.

lacey pic.jpg

Dr Lacey Berumen

Dr Lacey Berumen received her PhD from Capella, Her Masters from Regis and Her Bachelors from UOP. She has been practicing in the Behavioral Health Field for over 25 years. She has been trained in Interlock enhancement and driving with care as well as working with 4 Plus DUI individuals, she is trauma informed and does trauma treatment, grief work and individual therapy. Lacey served 3 Governor's through appointment to Behavioral Health Committees . She served on the Nation Board of Directors of the National Alliance on Mental Illness for 6 years 5 in executive committee roles. Lacey served as the ED for NAMI Colorado for 6 years. She has also served in The US Air Force and as a Americorp Fellow. Lacey has worked in all areas of treatment to include 17 years in the ER of a Level 1 Trauma Center. Lacey serves as our Clinical Director and provides supervision and therapy services.


Rica Rodriguez-Hernandez

Promotores de Esperanza Co-Director

has over 17 years in the case management and advocacy field working with individuals from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Rica is a fierce activist who sits on many community advisory boards as well as board of directors of organizations both locally and nationally. She is a certified trainer in peer recovery coaching and is a fearless grassroots organizer in the Denver area. As a part-time program coordinator in the Promotores De Esperanza program at EmbarkPCA, Rica aims to promote racial/ethnic health equity through the provision of culturally and linguistically competent services, designed to minimize barriers in the Latinx communities.


Chanel Berumen

Deputy Data Director

Chanel Berumen is a Colorado Native. She loves going to concerts, playing video games, and being out in nature to explore new places. If Chanel could be any animal, she’d be a unicorn. Her favorite character from a book is the Rainbow Fish because he shares his sparkles with all the other fish so everyone can shine. When she’s not working one of her four jobs, she spends time with her boyfriend, 2 cats and Great Dane. Her dream is to one day own a BnB and act as a guide to the hordes of tourists that flock to our lovely state every year.


Jetaun Moses

I am a peer recovery coach with Embark PCA. My goals are to become a Certified Addition Counselor, I am also  completing a Associates degree in applied science for welding. I enjoy artistic metal work, drawing, music, and taking my son to local museums and nature trails. I am passionate about supporting my local community through outreach programs, AA events, and community gatherings.


Dwayne Roberts

Men of Vision Colorado

I am an inspiring, and influencing person who simply enjoys connecting with people.  My favorite past time is talking with people and learning what motivates and inspire them to be their personal best.

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 10.09.58 AM.png

Diana Jones

Associate in business management and in the process of becoming a Certified Addiction Specialist. In Diana’s role as a Peer Coach, she is most passionate about facilitating groups to help clients dig deeper into their recovery and walk beside them, supporting them during this season of their lives. Diana loves most about Embark PCA is that Embark PCA is a place of limitless opportunities for clients and staff.

rob d softball.jpeg

Rob Decker

Embark Activities Director

Founder and owner of Rise As Lions, Kingdom F.I.T. & Recovery Rebels Softball Teams. I have been a personal trainer for 25+ years. Survivor of attempt to take my life 16 years ago . Sober for 10 years Recovery Peer Coach for 3 years

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